International Atherosclerosis Research School

Termín konání: 20.8.2017 - 25.8.2017
Místo konání: Hotel Nosál, Praha 4
Druh akce: odborná konference
Pro koho je událost určena: lékařský zdravotnický pracovník
Odbornosti: kardiologie
Popis a program akce:

Embedded in a well-balanced scientific programme, the iARS each year offers about 20 outstanding and highly motivated MD and PhD students as well as early-stage post-docs and clinicians from all European countries the chance to work and discuss up close and  personal with international renowned experts in basic and latest developments in athersoclerosis research. Participants are offered opportunities to locate themselves in the field and take home new perspectives and stimuli for their own projects. The iARS promotes
an intensive dialogue between participants and teachers and  supports the establishment of new networks for future  collaborations. Applicants should have finished at least the first year of their laboratory training (MD or PhD).
The programme will cover basic research as well as clinical aspects
of atherosclerosis and use a mixture of lectures, tutorial and working
groups, all of them designed to be as interactive as possible.
Topics will include: CVD and Atherosclerosis, Immunity, Risk Factors and Assessment, HDL, Lipid Metabolism, Genetics, Hypercholesterolemia, Lipoprotein(a), T2D and Metabolic  Syndrome, Good Scientific Practice, and Presentation Skills.

Klíčová slova: diabetes mellitus hypercholesterolemie ateroskleróza metabolický syndrom genetika metabolismus imunita rizikový faktor HDL cholesterol lipidy lipoproteiny